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Chain Link

Chain link is the most versatile  and economical of all fence material.  It is used to set boundaries, keep in children and pets, or secure gardens and pools.  Call  for an on-site estimate.   Available types include:

  • Aluminized coating:  lengthens the time before rusting by five to ten years over regular galvanized; shiny silver color    

  • Galvanized, silver color, lasts 15 to 30 years dependent upon gauge (thickness)

Aluminized Chain Link
Galvanized Chain Link

Vinyl Coated, guaranteed up to 10 years by the manufacturer, offered  in the following colors:


Green Vinyl Coated Chain Link


Brown Vinyl Coated Chain Link


Black Vinyl Coated Chain Link
Gates are available for all products
Walkway Gates
Drive Through Gates
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