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What is green?

"Going green" is wanting to  improve how our resources are utilized so that there are  reduced impacts to the environment.  This keeps in mind the environment and nature.  Each choice we make can be thoughtful and consider long term environmental consequences.

What materials are eco-friendly?

Cedar is sustainably sourced.  It is grown and harvested with guidance by the Forest Stewardship Council.  Wood fences can be constructed in many  designs and heights to provide balanced style and use for your property. Cedar will last up to 20 years above ground and is biodegradable.

Metal fences like chain link, aluminum and steel picket are long lasting materials which do not require frequent replacement (each time you replace a fence, you use more resources and have more environmental impacts).  Better yet, they are all recyclable.

PVC fences are considered a "one and done" installation, as good quality materials will not have to be replaced due to rot or wear.  PVC is recyclable through qualified recyclers.

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